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Chad Project

The aim of this project is to renovate the Belle Vue elementary school in Moundou, located in the Central African country of Chad. Moundou is the second largest city in Chad, with a population of 120000 and it is located south of the capital city of N’Djamena. The school is located in the eastern neighborhood of Moundou city.

Bishop Samuel Gaumain founded Belle Vue in 1952. Belle Vue is one of the first public elementary schools in Chad founded in 1952 by Bishop Samuel Gaumain. In the academic year, 2008-2009, Belle Vue registered 1805 students; 920 boys and 885 girls. The school has 7 classrooms in bad structural conditions, and others that are built with straw and have non-cemented floors.  Moreover, these classrooms are overcrowded because there are 87 students per classroom.

The renovated classrooms will be made of cement bricks and classroom furniture such as desks and seats for the students and teaching staff as well as built-in blackboards etc. This goal is in line with our mission statement - enhancing education in Africa.

According to a World Bank report, the enrollment ratio of primary education in Chad is 53% compared to 71% for sub Saharan Africa and 90% for other parts of the world (United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report 2008). The implementation of our project in Moundou is a contribution towards increasing the primary school education in Chad.

See pictures of the premises and students of Belle Vue elementary school below.