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Zambia Project

Zambia's High School Science Books
One of our recently approved projects (April 2012) entails donation of science books to a Zambia high school. We are currently accepting donations.

Members of IAEA and members of the public can donate towards this project as specified below:

1) Donation of any amount towards buying of the books listed below either by ONLINE DONATION or DONATION by Cheque/Money Order/Bank Draft

2) Direct buying of the copies of the books by you and then donating the book to IAEA (see lists of book below). You can send the books to IAEA through the address under “Contact Us” in the Menu bar above.

3) Donation of the “older copies” of the books if you have older copies of the book that you have used in the past.

4) Donation of any of your “old” or “new”STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) books that you are not using again. STEMS books not listed below are also accepted.

Details of the school and other relevant information are as follows:

a) Names of Science Teacher: Mr. Musonda Derrick
b) Names of School Principal: Mr. Mayeya Inambao
c) Name and Address of School: Kabulonga Boys High School, Box 920036, Lusaka, Zambia.
d) Email address:
e) Number of pupils: 3570

Books Required: :

1. Advanced Biology (Advanced Science) by Michael Kent. Paperback. 2000. Oxford University Press.
2. Advanced Biology by Mary Jones and Geoff Jones. Paperback. 1997. Cambridge University Press.

1. Principles of Physics by M Nelkon. 1990. 8th Edition.
2. Essentials of Physics by John D. Cutnell and Kenneth W. Johnson. 2006. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
3. IGCSE Physics by Heather Kennett. 2nd Edition. Paperback. 2009. Hodder Education. 4. Understanding Physics by Michael Mansfield and Colm O'Sullivan. Paperback. 2011. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
5. Explaining Physics: GCSE Edition by Stephen Pople. Paperback. 1987. Oxford University Press.

1. A New Certificate Chemistry by A Holderness and Mr John Lambert. Paperback. 1986. 6th Edition.
2. Understanding Chemistry by Rao C.N.R. Paperback. 2009. World Scientific Publishing Company, Pte. Ltd.